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Roxanne & Jaime

City: New Orleans Planner: Ruby &

Michael & Katie

City: Baton Rouge Ceremony: Jubans Photographer: Kaylynn Marie Bride: A dear friend

Jillian & Brad

City: New Orleans Ceremony: St Louis Cathedral  Reception: Sheraton New Orleans Make

Thuy & Rob

City: New Orleans Florist: Antigua Floral MUA: Viet Le Hair: Diem Luu Photographer: Kaylynn Marie

Erin & Jay

Location: Baton Rouge Venue: Private Home

Jaime & Roxanne

City: New Orleans Planner: Ruby & Pearl Location: Ace Hotel Florals: Poppy&Mint

Hi. I’m glad you’re here.

And unless I’m mistaken, you are here, because somebody who loves you, told you they want to love you forever. And so together, you’ve begun to compare calendars & cities, to make lists of _77a8880_250wfriends & family who have loved & supported you when you needed it most, and to research places where they can all come together, in one city, in one room, on one day.

You’re here, because at some point on that day, someone who loves you very much will straighten your tie, will help you into your dress, will step back and look at you ready to walk down the aisle, and will try not to cry.

You’re here, because everyone whose names are now being typed into a spreadsheet, everyone who has loved you the most, has smiled, applauded and embraced you after graduations, bat mitzvahs and your first steps, will again smile, applaud, and embrace you on that day, as you exit down the aisle with your love by your side, officially one.

And you’ll be happy. Really, unbelievably happy.

You’re here, because at some point on that day, you both will hug the last person goodbye, and retire to a quiet place together for the first time all weekend. And all that you’ve experienced that day, you’ll want to cherish forever.

I’m here so that you can.

My name is Kaylynn. Let’s talk about that.



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