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Thuy & Rob

City: New Orleans Florist: Antigua Floral MUA: Viet Le Hair: Diem Luu Photographer: Kaylynn Marie

Jaime & Roxanne

City: New Orleans Planner: Ruby & Pearl Location: Ace Hotel Florals: Poppy&Mint

Adie & Brian

City: New Orleans Photographer: Kaylynn Marie Planner: Mint Julep Location: Civic Theatre Hair: Bleu, a Blowdry

Lisa & Matt

City: New Orleans Photographer: Kaylynn Marie Venue: il Mercato / Joels Catering MUA: Wyman Studio Hair: Salon

Kelsey & Jerrod

City: New Orleans Photographer: Kaylynn Marie Make Up: Ashley Sievert Beauty Hair: Karlie Lacoste Florist: Berry

Mollye & Cole

City: New Orleans Venue: Il Mercato Planners: Melissa Laney & Erin DeBosier Hair: BLEU, Holly MUA: BLEU,

Hi. I’m glad you’re here.

And unless I’m mistaken, you are here, because somebody who loves you, told you they want to love you forever. And so together, you’ve begun to compare calendars & cities, to make lists of _77a8880_250wthe friends & family who have loved & supported you when you needed it most, researching places where they can all come together, on one day.

You’re here, because at some point on that day, someone who loves you very much will straighten your tie, will help you into your dress, will look at you all done up, and try not to cry.

You’re here, because everyone whose names are just now being put into a spreadsheet, everyone who has loved you most, who have applauded and hugged you after graduations, recitals, bat mitzvahs, and your first steps, will all smile and applaud and hug you both on that day, as you exit down the aisle as one.

And you’ll be happy. Really, unbelievably happy.

You’re here, because at some point on that day, you will hug the last person goodbye, and retire with your newly professed spouse to a quiet place for the first time all weekend. And all that you’ve experienced that day, you’ll want to hang onto forever.

I’m here so that you can.

My name is Kaylynn. Let’s talk about that.




“Our first look was perfect”

“Our family couldn’t believe how much our pictures looked real- just like us”

“I was so nervous about posing but you made us look good AND like our real selves”

“I only dreamed of seeing so many happy faces.”

“I have no idea how you were in so many places at once, yet I never saw you!”






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“We thought we were getting a photographer but what we found is a friend for life”

“Knowing I would see Kaylynn on wedding day helped me feel calm”

“I never expected to find someone I clicked with as a friend”

“She has a way of capturing pure joy”

“She is so sneaky and tactful- everywhere at once, but you never notice her!”

Posed pictures can feel awkward but she puts you at ease & guides you to make sure you look great”

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