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Shootout the Night | 2nd annual photographer shootout

Being self-employed can be a mean, lonely beast. Even the people that need to start their week with an entire monday of not speaking to or looking at another human face *cough*  still, at their core, need other people. I’m incredibly grateful to have such an awesome support system in the local photography community here in Louisiana.

Truth be told, outside of family, all my closest friends are in the photographic field. When I moved to New Orleans and started going to a new church, I kind of, like, had to learn how to relate to normal(read: non-creative-entrepreneurs) people. It was so weird, y’all. These people, like, do things called ‘hanging out’ on saturdays, get off work at 5pm, and have things called ‘hobbies’ and ‘free time’. I’m learning.

Anyway, Amy K recently organized the 2nd annual photographer shoot out- a time for my kind of people to get together and snoop on learn from each other’s shooting style. Y’all. Yesterday challenged me so much. It’s almost shocking to watch a gazillion people shoot the same models a gazillion different ways. All of a sudden, you feel a little smaller and dummer and those feelings light this competitive flame in your belly- not against your pals, but more against yourself and what you thought was your best. I feel that is totally healthy.

See more pictures and other photographer worth a good creep at the facebook event.





And some behind the scenes with Lee Lopez, DJ Hunter, Joylynn


Also got to see my ole’ pals Erin & Amanda, picture on the right stolen from Lee.


This one stolen from DJ. Picky me for the win. Wouldnta thought those first few shots were taken in a nasty place like that huh??

Hair & make up by Tina

Florals: Jakes on the Avenue

Furniture: The Modern Attic

Stationery: Barn Stationery




Danielle & Lon | Arnaud’s Rehearsal Dinner

One of my favorite things about New Orleans is that it feels as if you could photograph a different venue every day for the rest of your life and never get through them all. Arnauds is one of those nola gems, so pretty & elegant. Danielle & Lon’s intimate rehearsal dinner was just gorgeous. Lon’s family is so sweet and easy-going; I was told to simply shoot whatever I wanted! Done & done.

Their wedding will be up later this week!