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Adelynn Belle | Family

One thing I’ve been doing more of this year since Clara’s shoot is photographing people I love.

Shooting personal projects is the best way I know to keep the life in my wedding work, to keep me sensitive to what is meaningful my clients.

This is my cousin, Elizabeth and her daughter Adelynn Belle. The 10th picture is Adelynn talking to dad, facetimed in from overseas where he is currently serving until summer of next year.


New Orleans Portraits | German Roque… and also me.

Meet my incredibly talented friend, German. These portraits happened spontaneously when, after much begging, he consented to take an updated bio pic for me.

I wanted to be photographed in my natural environment- my home. Specifically, my favorite chair, where were you to come visit me, I would be sitting all folded-up with a cup of coffee. Actually, saying that I ‘wanted’ to be photographed at all is a lie. I am less than fond of having my own picture taken, but if there is one thing that makes it sufferable, it is having the perfect photographer. What I hoped would be mildly sufferable was actually a wonderful experience.

Probably what initially scares me the most about trusting a photographer to direct me is being pushed to act like something I am not. Even the color red has earned a mention on my list of disdains, because I feel like it pushes into my personal space bubble yelling, “GET EXCITED!” Being told what to do is one thing, being told how to act is another. Kaylynn does not get excited, jump, spin, or smile on command. She also doesn’t frolic through fields in dress clothes.

That’s why I chose, stalked, and bothered G until he agreed to photograph me. His presence is genuine, calm, and soft-spoken. Nothing like the color red and everything like yoga or meditation.

German also prefers to stay on his usual side of the lens. His reasons are probably deeper and more soulful than mine, however he did set them aside to let me capture a few frames.


“It’s good and very beneficial when photographers get together to chat/exchange thoughts and opinions… I think I speak for most photographers when I say we hate getting a photo taken of us, so when she asked me to do so, I had to step up.” -G

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 8.02.41 PM


In other news, I’ve decided to move back to uptown, closer to my friends and all things green and quiet. This shoot will have to serve as a warm little farewell to my french-quarter-living days.

Follow G on instagram here or facebook here.

Happy sunday, all.

Clara | New Orleans Portraits | A collaboration

Model: Clara Bryan

Make up: Ashley Sievert

Photography: Lee Lopez  and myself (see Lee’s take here & here)


Lee is an old pal of mine in the photography world. After tossing around the idea for too long, we finally made a little personal shoot happen last month, cramming too many people (three, exactly) into my little french quarter apartment, creating the images above. I’ll be moving back to uptown soon, so in a way this was a fun ‘farewell’ shoot to my little cave. *sniff*

Lee’s friendship is a perfect example of a social media win. We first crossed paths through a mutual photography friend on facebook, eventually meeting in person at a group dinner I’d helped organize for local photographers. Our styles are as different as night and day, which makes shooting together that much more inspiring and challenging. Pal’ing it up with the ‘competition’ is one of my favorite pastimes. The solopreneur world gets real lonely, real fast- it’s these friendships that bring life back into the game. And also a fun-poking kind of competition that I absolutely need in order to thrive.

Ashley Sievert is a make up magician. She took our little project on last minute and clearly outdid herself. Brides, check a sister out.

Clara, our model, has a special little place in my heart. She is to me, a picture of what ‘real life’ is. I’ve known her since she was four feet tall and have gotten to watch her grown into a beautiful, strong lady. We’ve spent hours talking over bottomless coffee & pancakes at our favorite 24 hour diner, road tripped, laughed and cried. Although I miss her since moving to new orleans, I am thankful for the times we are able to find to hang out for a day.

Special times,  great people.

Jeremy & Meagan | Broussard’s Wedding | New Orleans

Prep: Prince Conti

Wedding: Broussard’s

I keep looking at Jeremy & Meagan’s day and wondering what else needs to be said that can’t be seen? Best-spent monday morning of my life, probably. My second shooter Margaret & I kept saying that this needed to be a monday tradition, but it turns out that a) not too many people get married on mondays and b) If they did, they still wouldn’t be Jeremy, Meagan, and their families.

I met Meagan’s people for brunch on saturday, photographed their rehearsal on sunday, and by the time monday rolled around both me and Margaret were made to feel like family.  I had this weird feeling when it was over, like I was actually bummed that they were all heading back to South Carolina & round abouts. Such is the life of a wedding photographer in this nifty city… and I wouldn’t trade it for a thing.

Theirs, I think, was the first wedding I got to walk to. To say I love living in the quarter is an understatement. I left a little early to pick up a triple short latte and arranged to have one ready & waiting for Margaret at 8:25 a.m. because Cafe Conti is awesome like that. Mornings are my happy place and getting to start shooting early is a dream. When I got to her room, Meagan was calmly going about getting ready as if this were any old day. Family members drifted through all morning with hugs & happiness and that is pretty much how the rest of the day went. Like smooth, smooth jazz.