Remind me to tell you the story of breaking out of my uptown apartment, with the help of a taxi driver(surprise! Also a locksmith.) and trusty neighbor Betty, to make it to Lauren’s session only 15 minutes late. Life. It’s rarely a bore.

Lauren & I had some girl-bonding time one week after her & Michael’s wedding, riding together to Orange Beach for Lauren’s sister Danielle’s bridal & engagement photos. She’s a quality woman. Her & Michael both are so full of humility & the best kind of confidence, vulnerability &  passion for growth and improvement, and true care for other people. Knowing this crowd keeps growing me personally in ways I never saw coming. It’s super sweet, really. Her family has literally been with me from the beginning and when we’re together, I definitely feel like an adopted member. Lauren was one of the first seniors I photographed and… yea, time flies.

Pretty things below.